Drawing Dough

First of all, I have a FUN app on my phone that I thought I'd share with you iPhone folks... it's the Family Fun Craft Finder.  It gives you choices like age, time, and occasion to help find a great craft!  AND you can share crafts with your friends! :-)  I'm sure that other phones have GREAT craft apps too.  I just know about this one because I have it and LOVE it!

The craft that we did we got from Family Fun and it's called, 'Drawing Dough'

You mix equal amounts of water, flour, and salt together and then add paint for color. 

They recommend putting them in squeeze bottles to 'draw' with.  I used small zip-lock bags and cut the corner- worked FINE!

Miss Addison couldn't just put it on the paper though, she just HAD to get her hands in it!  :-P

It was actually very pretty pink and blue (her color choices).  But, once she made it into a finger painting project it became purple... AKA a teachable moment... what happens when we mix blue and red (the pink was SUPPOSED to be red)?  You make PURPLE (which she LOVES)!

In the end, it turned out really neat!  Once it dried, the salt crystals stick out and give a cool textured look!  Here's the best I could for pictures... with a point and click and a cell phone... :-/ sorry!

This craft is fun because, it is mostly stuff that you have lying around the house!  We didn't have tempera paint... so we used washable finger paint (I guess Addison had the right idea)!  The paint is just to add color.  Good one to have in your back pocket for a rainy day!

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