Let's Get Started!!

Ok... so, just so you all understand what I'm working with here... THIS is Addison's current 'sandbox'... :-(
sad isn't it??

Needless to say, I think that you now understand WHY I would want to build this sandbox for little Miss Addison (and Wyatt too). 

Now, after I decided that I was going to do this, I started making a list of supplies to buy from Home Depot.  I listed plywood, screws, paint, cedar boards, etc... (I'll show the list and receipt AFTER my shopping trip).  That night, I was taking out the garbage and what did I see?

WHAT?  What IS that you ask?  PLYWOOD!  I had totally forgotten that we had it (I bought a couple of years ago for hurricane season... and we never needed it).  We actually had

4 PIECES!  Can you believe it?  So, that's something I can scratch off the list.  We also have PLENTY of paint.  So, I'll just reuse some that we have from painting the walls in the house.  I think I might even let Addison help paint! ooooooooo  this is going to be fun! 

Next on the list...SHOPPING!

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