lumber and screws and tools...OH MY!

O...K... sooooooooooooo here's what I learned yesterday (If you're a guy... don't bother reading this... well, unless you need a good laugh.  Ladies, I think you'll understand EXACTLY what I'm saying!!).
  • Taking kids to Home Depot with you when you don't really KNOW what you're looking for- NOT a good idea.  ESPECIALLY if you're alone (been there done that...).
  • Cedar is EXPENSIVE!!!
  • Galvanized screws aren't easy to find (maybe it is because I was trying to entertain my kiddos... see point number 1).  I am actually pretty sure I did NOT get galvanized screws... nice.
All in all, I got NOTHING that was on my shopping list!  HA HA HA!  I got things that are similar but not exactly what I had on my list.  I did get: a box of 3" screws (pretty sure I have the short ones at home...hope I do at least), 9 2x4x8s (gonna do 2 6ft sides and 2 4ft side... stacked 3 2x4s high), and 2 (I don't remember the exact dimensions- just that they were also 8 ft long) little thin pieces to help hold the stack of 3 high together. 

A galvanized screw...
looks like any other screw to me?!
Right.  Galvanized screws.  I know.  You're thinking, WHAT (just like me)??!?!  Well... here's what I found out.  Ed D on Yahoo Answers said,
"Screws made out of galvanized steel.

Galvanization is a process whereby a thin layer of zinc is bonded to the surface of the steel. Galvanized steel is more corrosion resistant than "naked" steel."
So, they PROBABLY would have been much better to find.  BUT, with the crying infant and LOUD toddler, I grabbed regular screws.  Maybe we have some galvanized ones around here?!  Here's hoping...

So you might also notice that I did NOT get cedar.  The prices are RIDICULOUS (like $20 for ONE 1x6x8)!  If you were wanting to make a sandbox like Pottery Barn (and save money), then Cedar would be good.  But, I am just trying to make a sandbox and not spend a million dollars.  The reason that they say to use cedar is because the bugs don't eat it (well that's what my Home Depot helper said anyhow).  Honestly, I am not 100% sure how this will even turn out.  AND we are going to be moving soon.  So, my unfinished (don't want the chemicals in the treated stuff... since the kids are going to play in it) wood for $2.39 a piece works JUST FINE!  Maybe if it turns out cute, when we move again, I will build another one and buy cedar...LOL

In the end, I spent $31.30 (with military discount...THANKS HOME DEPOT).  Next thing to do... SAND and CUT wood.  Standby for pictures....

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