MAKE your OWN bookcase!!

Ok... so this was one of my first DIY projects in my own home (learned a good bit from this little lesson).  With a my husband in the military and myself a teacher, we were pretty low on funds when we first got married and wanted to decorate our then, new home.  I found these shelves at Target and thought that they would look PERFECT in our living room.  Our living room has a big BLANK wall that started with just a TV in the middle.  So, I envisioned one of these bookshelves on either side of the TV.

Aren't they awesome?  But, for $369.99 (and I needed 2)... NOT exactly going to happen.  Instead, I decided to draw some up, and head to Home Depot.  With all of the wood, screws, stain, and polyurethane, my total at Home Depot (with military discount of course) was around $200 total ( I made them years ago...thus the estimate).  THAT IS A 73% SAVINGS!!!! 

It was actually fun to make.  Kind of like a big puzzle.  If you decided to make shelves though, my recommendation is to think of a way to make them sturdy... for example, using an L-bracket in the corners or backing the shelves with a sheet of (thin)wood (you can paint the wood the same color as the wall to give it the 'see through' look).  Ours are a LITTLE wobbly (one of the lessons I learned) and with 2 little ones...well, you get the picture!

  With hubby overseas, this was a GREAT little task to keep my mind off things.  The shelves are by no means perfect, but they work and needless to say, I was VERY proud of them!  And remember, I saved a TON of money :-)  What do YOU think??

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  1. Ok miss fancy pants...
    PLEASE feel free to email me before/afters of any projects like this that you tackle and want me to feature over on CC! OK? would love to send some more readers your way!