Manwich Biscuits

Ok... so I found this recipe on http://www.allrecipes.com/ (beef barbecue biscuits).  When I saw it I knew that I wanted to try it out with my picky toddler.  When I got the grocery add for Publix this week, I was set up for success to make this meal for next to nothing!

-Manwich ($0.67) could have used BBQ like the recipe calls for ($0.74) but I wanted the full serving of veggies for my little one :-)
-Ground beef ($3.99)
-Biscuits ($0.70) I bought grands and used 1/2 in each muffin cup
-Shredded cheese (I bought that on sale last week)
-(I also served a side salad that I already had at home but the bag salads were on sale at Publix for $1.99)
So, for a total of $5.36 I made dinner for my family of 3.
Here they are...

And to top it off... Addison APPROVES!!!

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