Must...wake...up... Let's chat...

Do you ever have mornings like that?! I do... TODAY was actually one of them. I actually got to bed MUCH earlier than I have been lately... and I was pretty excited about it. But like clockwork Wyatt was up and at it at 6:30! So out of bed and into his room I stumbled (no exaggeration there) into his room. He's standing there wide-eyed ready to get the day started. Out we go... Change his diaper and get ready for breakfast. Shortly after (around 7/715) big sister announces her arrival (it CRACKS ME UP)!!! So any chance of additional snoozing is out the door. I've got Wyatt wanting to play.... Addison wanting me to make her eggs and put on a 'preee jress'... And all I want is 5 (ok realistically, probably more like 60 or so) more minutes of sleep!!! What do YOU do to wake up?! Any thoughts? Let's chat... BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


  1. Um...coffee!! I use to not be a really big coffee drinker, but now I find that that it is my one salvation. I also find that if I have it ready to go the evening before so all I have to do is push the "on" button to get it going, I'm more likely to use this crutch. If I have to make it in the morning I tend to skip it because of the work involved.
    I also had a mom tell me once that it helps her to make sure she is up before her kids to get ready. For example, knowing Wyatt wakes up at 6:30, she would wake at 6:15, get dressed for her morning work-out and pour that first cup of coffee. She found herself in a better mood when starting the day with her kids. I'm just starting a new work scheduled and am tempted to try this tip!

  2. I second the coffee, which is why I'm addicted to my Keurig coffee maker right now.. fresh individual cup of coffee in a jif. Love it.

    I'm looking forward to summer time when I do not have to rush off to work, and think that I will schedule a morning walk with the kiddos-- fresh air will surely do us all some good and get us ready for the day!