Owl Birthday Party Idea **SO CUTE**

Thanks to my friend Cynthia for sharing these WONDERFUL ideas with us on planning a SUPER CUTE birthday party!!  Cynthia's little girl LOVES owls so she wanted to try and plan a festive birthday party using owls as a theme (most of these ideas can be used with ANY theme). 

So, the first thing that Cynthia did to prepare for the party was shop for graphics.  She ordered the owl prints here from ETSY (dimple prints).  They were a PDF file that she could print from home (or wherever).  Cynthia said that it was cheaper to go have things printed at a local printer...rather than buying cardstock and using her personal ink.  I bet is was faster too.  AND when you have 2 little ones... isn't it ALWAYS easier to delegate?  Especially to a professional!  GREAT TIPS CYNTHIA!

Cynthia was able to incorporate the theme throughout the party.  Check these out...




I'm sure you're wondering... how on earth did she make such PERFECT circles??  Well, she actually said that a circle cutter was a GREAT investment!  She got hers from a craft store and used the usual 40% off (or whatever they have where you live) weekly ad coupon.  I found them on line for around $14.00... so with the 40% off coupon... well, you get the picture!  In case you have NO idea what I'm talking about...

So, the Owl theme is ADORABLE!  Here are some other GREAT CREATIVE additions that made the party even better!!

You can find iron on transfers at a local craft store and print these out at home AND match the theme!! <3


TOLD YOU SO!!!  Thanks soooooooooooo much for sharing these GREAT ideas Cynthia!  NOW... I have to get to planning 2 parties in the next 2 months!!


  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? WOW. That is some serious effort into a kids birthday party. SO CUTE! Dang. Kaley is turning 3 in June. Looks like I need to go ahead and start planning now!

  2. Cynthia is a mom after my own heart!!! I had theme birthday parties for my kids also and found them to be some work but so much fun and lots of memories were made. As they get older you can incorporate the games and food to go with the theme also, such as for a 50's party we made the back porch look like a a Malt Shop. Dad (with his hair slicked back in his white T and jeans) flipped the burgers and mom served and made the malts. We had a costume contest, hula hoop contest and biggest bubble!What fun memories and pics!