Woodworking 101

It was a beautiful day in Savannah, GA... the kids were napping... and I was....

USING THE TABLE SAW!!  There's something empowering about using that machine.  Maybe it's the loud noise, maybe it's the power.  I don't know... but, I was on a high and was gettin my 'cut' on!  Today, I cut and assembled the 4 walls.  I have made the 2 long sides 6' long and 3 2x4s high.  I used little stake-type planks (yeah... really technical I know) cut into 1' pieces to hold everything together.  It looks CUTE so far!!  I tried to put 2 sides together and well... that didn't go so well (yet).  The screws just kinda...stopped?!  UGH!  I used the screw driver some and tried hard to not strip the life out of those darn things!  Anyhow, I accepted defeat today and chose to put that phase off for another day.  Addison got to see it in the works and was VERY excited!  I told her I was going to let her paint it and asked what color we should make it.  She said that it should be RED!  LUCKY FOR HER... WE HAVE RED PAINT!!!  Whew... saving money there ;-)

Next step... put the walls together... I might have to borrow some muscles... we shall see.  I WILL try it first!

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