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The other day I bought some Danonino yogurt (because it was on sale AND I had a coupon- OF COURSE).  Well, inside the packet was a little pack of seeds (for chives).  They said that you could use the little cups to plant herbs.  WHAT A GREAT IDEA, RIGHT?!?!

I mean... I've been wanting to start a garden (in all of my free time **wink**).  I just think it would be fun for Addison AND maybe encourage her to EAT the veggies!  So, on my to-do list today was Target and Home Depot.  I was planning to go to Home Depot to pick up seeds, soil, and pots (we have TERRIBLE ground moles).  Well, I didn't even get very far at Target when the DOLLAR BINS CAUGHT MY EYE!  They have the those precious little 'starter pots'... that cost $1!!  Honestly, I am not totally sure how committed we'll be.  So, WHY NOT spend $1 and try it out??  We picked out cilantro, basil, peppers, strawberries, and parsley. Here's how it went for us:

This is what comes in the packet... seeds, a soil pellet, and a little pot (I cut the label off and taped it to a toothpick to use as a label. ;-)
Ok... here comes the 'fun' stuff.  The first step in the directions is to add water to the soil pellet.  So, here's what it looks like in the beginning:

And after you add the water, it looks like this:
Watch this clip and see how it happens...

HOW CUTE IS THAT LITTLE MODEL?!  SORRY about the crazy taping.  It isn't easy to tape AND help Addison scoop up the water.  Anyhow, you get the point.  The water added to the pellet, breaks up the soil and using the forks to 'fluff' it allows oxygen into that mix.

Here's a clip of Addison putting the soil in the pots:

We were AMAZED at the seeds and how different they looked (there were some GREAT 'teachable' moments).  Let's see what you think...  Any guesses what the seeds are??

Ok... no real guess for this next one (since the label is right there) but they were so neat!!!  We put the soil in the pots about 3/4 full and put the seeds on top.  We then, put a thin layer of soil on the VERY top (Addison said it was their 'blankie', so they don't get cold.).

In the end, here's a sample of what we ended up with. 

Stay tuned for pics of the plant GROWING AAAAAAAAAAAAAND, if you have a garden, e-mail me and tell me about it, tips/advice...

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    Ours grows every year and saves us $ on fruit and veggies! You'll love it, but probably have to replant those after about five minutes! :)