Mini-Windsock CRAFT

So... this is a fun little craft that I found...in a magazine... shocker.  I made some changes though... So, I'm going to explain the steps that WE did.

1.  Choose paper (if you don't have construction paper or card stock, you could use printer paper or wrapping paper or NO paper...endless possibilities).

2.And choose your tissue paper color (white is FINE).

3.  Take a toilet paper roll (or paper towel...whichever) and measure it to cut the paper to the correct length.

4.  Decorate your construction (or WHATEVER kind of paper you have).  You can use crayons, markers, stickers, paint, glitter... WHATEVER your heart desires!

  *WARNING* This step involves scissors.  Now, being a teacher, I KNOW how difficult it is for kids to use scissors (those fine motor skills are TOUGH).  So, why not introduce it a little now (I call this a teachable moment)?  I have blunt end children's scissors that I showed Addison how to use.  It WASN'T easy for her to keep her thumb put, but she figured it out (a little).  I let her use the scissors to 'cut' the paper and she LOVED IT!  AND... I PUT THE SCISSORS AWAY...HID THEM...

While she was 'cutting' I did step 5.
5.  Cut 1/4inch- 1/2inch strips on the tissue paper, leaving a few inches NOT cut.

6.  Glue the tissue paper to the toilet paper roll.

7.  Glue the construction paper around the toilet paper roll.

**Be sure to put PLENTY of glue on the ends.


8.  Attach a ribbon (or string) to the toilet paper roll.

Addison was running all over the place watching her windsock blow in the breeze.  Good stuff... and VERY easy!  I liked it because there were a LOT of things that Addison could do or help do.  She had fun, I had fun, we ALL had fun!

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