Peeps S'mores

So... around this time of year, Peeps are EVERYWHERE!  In every color you can think of.  Honestly, I am NOT a huge fan of Peeps but here's a FUN idea for something OTHER than just eating them (by themselves).


What you need:
  • graham crackers

  • Peeps
  • Chocolate candy

1.  Place a Peep on a graham cracker square and place them BOTH on a microwave safe plate.

2.  Place them in the microwave and cook for about 10 seconds.  **I would recommend watching to make sure that your Peep DOESN'T explode.... AND if you have kids around, they might want to watch.  the Peep puffs up pretty HUGE!  It's AWESOME!!**

4.  Place a piece of chocolate (traditionally it's part of a Hershey's bar, but since it's Easter, we used an ear from our chocolate Easter bunny).  Put another graham cracker square on top and viola!  You've got your S'more!


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