Playdates- Let's Chat...

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As my family is gearing up for a play date this morning, I thought it would be a good idea to chat about and share ideas with one another.  First off, let me just say that if your child isn't in daycare, I think it is SO important FOR BOTH OF YOU to be involved in some type of play group.  Even if it's just one other person or church... the social part of a play group are good for the baby's socialization as well as the mommies SANITY!  I wanted to share some ideas for play date activities or themes... and I would LOVE to hear some ideas that you and your friends do!

  • $First of all, who doesn't like FREE??  Play dates/picnics outside at a playground or park are always a GREAT idea.
  • $If it's raining, an indoor picnic and movie can be fun too.
  • $$If the children are older, having a craft is a fun idea and www.orientaltrading.com has cute, easy, and INEXPENSIVE craft sets in bulk (if coming up with crafts or gathering materials is something that frustrates you).
  • $$(depending on how many kids are in your group) Cookie decorating.  Buy a pack of already cooked (or bake them together) sugar cookies, frosting, and toppings (sprinkles, candy, chocolate chips, etc)... have each kid bring a topping and then let them go crazy decorating their cookie!
  • $$$Where I live, there's an indoor inflatable playground that provides HOURS of entertainment for my whole family!  There's a 'baby section',  they sell food, there's an arcade, I think you get the picture... fun place for the mommies to chat and the babies to play.
  • $$$Painting pottery.  There's also a place where I live (and I'm SURE it isn't the only one), that you can go in and pick a blank piece of pottery, paint it, and they will fire it for you.  You just have to buy the piece to paint- VERY cute!!

  • $ Rotate.  Make a schedule (depending on how often your meet) and rotate houses for FREE play dates!  I think it's important to share the challenge of planning a play date.  It really isn't fair for ONE person (who is in the SAME BOAT as everyone else to be held responsible for planning).  So, print up a calendar and have folks sign up.
  • $ Water Day.  When the blazing summer temperatures set in, a fun day outside with water makes EVERYTHING more fun.  Kiddie pools, sprinklers, water balloons, slip-n-slides (or a tarp...WHATEVER) can provide HOURS of entertainment... PLUS tanning time for mommies and a GREAT nap later!!  **Don't forget popsicles, they're awesome on a hot day and why not have them when you're wearing a bathing suit and can rinse off after?!**
OK... that seems to be all that I can come up with right now.  How about you?  Are YOU in a play group?  Have you guys done something FUN you'd like to share?  PLEASE DO!!
Let's CHAT!

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