Sandbox update

IT'S ALMOST DONE!  In fact... it just needs sand :-)

Ok... so first of all, some of the plans have changed.  We decided to leave the wood natural (NOT painted).  Second of all, I used some help from my "Handy Hubby" :-)... Honestly, all except for the circular saw, I felt 100% confident doing everything else.  But, it is so much easier if you have a helper :-)

When you last saw it... I had put the walls together...

So here's what our Saturday looked like... we gathered some supplies:

THESE would be galvanized screws...
and they don't even say that...BLEH!!
You know... the usual stuff...


So, using the circular saw, we trimmed a piece of plywood to cover the bottom of the frame completely.  Then, we used roofing nails and hammered them into the walls that were already assembled (we put them about 8-10 inches apart).

Here's a couple of quick pics of Handy Hubby and his SUPER CUTE Handy Helper :-)  She had a BLAST just handing him the screws.  She felt so involved... it was PRECIOUS!!!

So then, we used the landscape fabric and lined the bottom of the sandbox.  We attached it with nails.
We pulled the fabric up high enough to cover some of the cracks and keep the sand in. 

Next up... SAND!  And of course... HAPPY HAPPY BABIES :-)  Get EXCITED!!  There WILL be pictures coming :-)

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