Chore Chart

Thanks to reader, Kristin for sharing this awesome idea for another chore chart (in case you missed the other one that we did, click here to check it out).  If you have another chore chart that works GREAT for your kiddo(s)...PLEASE share.  You know that at some point, we ALL run out of ideas, so sharing good ideas with one another is SO SO helpful. 

**Remember this, in order for any type of routine to stick with your kids (especially the YOUNG ones)... 2 things HAVE to happen. They HAVE to be successful (even if you kind of...well...cheat to make it happen) and you HAVE to be consistent; if you ignore it, they will too.    

The chore chart that Kristin's kiddos use (well just one... pretty sure the baby doesn't have chores... yet) is simple, direct, and hands on.  When kids are young, hands on and easy to understand is key... well, that AND making sure that the expectations are reasonable.  This chore chart is colorful and fun (which makes the kiddos excited to use it... you can even involve them in MAKING them if they're old enough).  You can simply use the adhesive hooks and construction paper or foam cut out (found at most craft stores) When the chore is complete, the pencil is flipped over.  It's as simple as that!  Kristin used words AND pictures... it's never too early to introduce words.

Here are some pictures up close of what Kristin did.

Thanks again Kristin!  Please feel free to pass along any fun ideas for kids in MY direction (handyhousemom@gmail.com).

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