Cloth Diapers... Let's Chat...

Carhartt Washed Canvas Diaper Cover, Brown, 3 Months
Carhartt... HOW CUTE?!?!
Cloth diapers have really become quite popular in recent years.  Personally, I think that the increase in the last few years has come from the terrible economy.  In an effort to cut costs, moms started using cloth diapers.  Of course, there are also the environmentally conscious moms out there too, that use the cloth diapers to reduce waste.  Either way... now, it's all the rage.  If you want cloth diapers and cloth diaper covers there are the CUTEST options out there!

Personally, I have been a disposable diaper user.  I have found that with coupons, and sales, I can find them for next to nothing.  Honestly, life has just been too hectic for me to add one more thing to my plate.  But, saving money sounded appealing.

I am interested to hear your opinion.  Those of you that use cloth diapers, is it worth it to you?  Is it a hassle at all?  How about cleaning them?  Honestly, that was one of the BIGGEST turn offs to me.  A friend of mine used a service for hers, but that's not really saving money, now is it?  I say that... but, I don't really know how much the service costs.  How about when you take the kids places... church?  the gym?  daycare?  Do they use the cloth diapers?  So, what's the scoop?  Is it a lot of extra work?  If I were a brand new mommy... WHY would cloth diapers be appealing to me??  

I know you're out there ladies... let's chat...


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  1. I cloth dipe & I LOVE it. I'm actually going to write a blog on it...just haven't finished it yet. :)

    For me, it's an extra few loads of laundry a week...and so far, dipe laundry is the ONLY laundry I don't mind. :)