Exersaucer? Jumperoo? Let's Chat...

Ok... so how about this one... Jumperoo?  Exersaucer?  Which do YOU prefer?  Why?  My kids have a jumperoo (MAINLY because it was a gift).  But, I know plenty of people with the exersaucer.  There are SO MANY choices out there. 

Here are some GREAT jumperoos (we have the rainforest one... LOVE IT)!  Click the link BELOW the picture to check it out!

$87.99 Click Here

$89.99 Click here

Here are some great Exersaucers!  Click the link BELOW the picture to check it out!!

So... which do you have?  Have you used both?  Any preference?  Why?  Which would YOU recommend?  Let's chat...

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  1. Claire only had an exersaucer, but Allie has both. SHE prefers the jumperoo because I think she might be part kangaroo. She jumps ALL THE TIME. I bought her the exersaucer thinking it was a jumperoo but the only thing bouncy on it is the floor of it has some springs in it that bounce slightly if the baby jumps on it. Allie thought that was lame so we got her the Fisher Price Precious Planets jumperoo off craigslist, and she's in it constantly. She never gets tired of it and she will bounce until she falls asleep right in the seat! Adorable. :)