Mini Bird Nests

With Spring in FULL SWING, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and breezes blowing (well, hopefully).  I thought that this YUMMY favorite would be a SUPER one to share with you.  It's an oldie but goldie FOR SURE!


  • 12 oz package of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  •  3 ½ cups of chow mien noodles (6oz)
  •  1 cup of peanuts
  •  ½ cup coconut (optional)
  •  Small jelly beans or other egg shaped candy (like the mini Cadbury eggs or foil wrapped eggs)

  1. Melt your chocolate chips in a double boiler or large sauce pan. Sir in noodles, peanuts and coconut until they are coated with chocolate. Drop HEAPING spoonfuls of the mixture onto wax paper, about 3 - 4 inches in diameter.
  2. With a spoon, hollow out the middle of each nest. Younger children may find it easier to make these holes with a finger or two wrapped with plastic wrap or wax paper.
  3. Place your jelly bean eggs inside the nest.
  4. Leave your nests out to set, after which you can eat them, or store them in the fridge for later!
*If you are using a regular sauce pan it's important to remove the pan from heat as soon as all the chips are melted. This way the chocolate won't "cook" and get really hard.

Got this from Busy Bee Kids Crafts- GREAT site with FUN ideas!!

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