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So, from the time you bring your sweet angel home you (we) are striving to find a 'new normal'.  Frankly, that is JUST what it is... a 'NEW normal'.  What has been normal to you forEVER is now very VERY different!!  The very beginning is so tough adjusting and figuring everyone out.  But it doesn't take forever (hopefully) to get in some type of daily/nightly routine.  I know that when I was pregnant, I had a friend recommend a book, Baby Wise
She explained to me that this book helped her kids sleep through the night by 8 weeks!  8 WEEKS?!  I was like... THIS IS THE BOOK FOR ME!!  (I KNOW that there are mixed feelings and reviews about this book.)  **I AM NOT a book reader!**  So, the thought of sitting down and reading this book (even though it isn't a 'big' book AT ALL), just really did NOT sound like much fun.  So, honestly, I skimmed it.  I got the gist, the general concept and from that developed what worked best for us.  And I too, had children sleeping 8-10hrs straight by 8 weeks!  I think the bottom line is there is NO book that is going to match you and your baby/family/husband/job/pets...etc... to a tee!  It's just impossible.  As a parent, you have to read books or articles or chat with friends and hear what they say... but adapt the ideas to fit YOUR scenario. 

In our house, we have a pretty solid nighttime routine that we established pretty early on (prob by 2 or 3 months).  We eat dinner, take a bath, read a book (my 3 yr old gets to 'snuggle and watch TV' with her daddy for 20 mins or so), go potty, do devotion, say prayers, and go to bed.  I think the routine sets the stage.  The kids KNOW what to expect.  They KNOW that after bath, I'm going to bed.  Neither one of my children were tough to put to bed (unless we're traveling).  I honestly think that is thanks to our routine.  Now, last night, we were visiting friends and stayed out past bedtime.  When we got home, we just got in our jammies and read our book, did devotion, said prayers, and went to bed.  There was no crazy meltdown.  The routine is flexible when it needs to be but the kids really feel secure knowing that things go the same way every night.

I know I have friends that have used and recommend these other books... but I've never read them (shocker, I know...)
Baby Whisperer
Ferber Method

What about you?  How does YOUR nighttime routine look?  Are things hectic?  Does it run smoothly?  What has worked?  What has failed?  Let's Chat...

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