Baby Wash Cloth Display **SO CUTE**

I was at a friend's house this week and I noticed something that I've noticed before... but this time... I thought, "DUH!  This would be GREAT to share with HH readers!!" 

So, I VIVIDLY remember getting 2374839254370213 baby wash cloths when I was pregnant the first time.  They sell those things in packs of 6 (at least).  So, if someone got me a hoodie towel, they usually threw in 6 wash cloths... leading to my plethora.  I actually remember telling my husband that I was going to use them as bows on baby gifts (not a terrible idea, right?).  I mean, I wasn't using them ALL, right?

Well... here's what I learned about washcloths (most of which I knew... but I just really didn't think about).  Click here.  After doing some research, I think using a new washcloth EVERY night is a GREAT idea!  Hmmm... when I think about it THAT way... maybe I will be using all 2374839254370213 wash cloths.

So, my friend, Colleen did the cutest thing with her plethora of washcloths.  She turned them into a display in her bathroom.  She just tosses them all into a large clear glass jar and pulls a new one out every night.  She has PLENTY and she says that she has NEVER run completely out. 

I hope that you all thought this was as cute as I did!  Thanks SO much for sharing Colleen!!

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