EASY Yogurt Pops

Thanks to reader Amy for sharing this great EASY summer time snack idea with us!

"My kids absolutely LOVE these and it is a great summer treat! I just buy the pack of Trix yogurt (I've tried other kinds but Trix works the best) and a pack of plastic spoons (I've also tried popsicle sticks but for some reason they like the spoons better and they are a little easier). I let them pick which ones they want out of the pack and they stick the spoon in through the aluminum top (with spoon end sticking out). Put them in the freezer overnight and when they are ready for them, just squeeze the cup a little, remove the aluminum top and pull them out."

Thanks again for sharing, Amy!!!

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  1. I'm a grandma and I put GoGurts in the freezer. When frozen cut off the plastic on one end and squeeze from the other end to push up the frozen yogurt. My grandkids think they are really getting a treat.