Baby Proofing! Let's Chat...

Ok so... my 15 month old is now officially EVERYWHERE!  I mean, he has been everywhere for a while (crawling like a MAD MAN).  But, now that he's walking, his confidence level seems to have sky rocketed!  So, now comes the decision on baby proofing. 
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So, to what degree do YOU baby proof? 

My theory has been with both kids to NOT relocate everything in the house but, to TEACH them what we are allowed to play with and touch OR the things that are NOT to be touched.  It isn't easy by ANY means, lots of chasing and following and LOTS of redirecting.  I just feel like when we go to a friend's house, they may or may not have curious toddlers that they have baby proofed for.  So then what?  Do I walk into my friend's house and start picking up anything that is breakable? 

On the other hand, there are some safety issues where (I think) baby proofing should take place... and lucky for us, there are GREAT products out there to help.  Here are some of the ones that I have used and learned to really like (please feel free to comment below with any others you've used and like).

Safety 1st Outlets & Appliance Safety Kit- I REALLY like this because it has the AWESOME covers that you have to twist a plug to plug it in.  We've had the old school ones, but my son could pop those out and plug them back in before he was even a year old!
Cabinet Locks (with knobs)- So I have these locks for my cabinets with knobs that are next to each other.  They work pretty well.  Easy for parents to use and tricky for the munchkins to figure out!
Cabinet Locks (without knobs)- I have 1 cabinet that doesn't have a 'partner' so this type of lock works wonderfully.  The only downside is that installing it involves a drill.  It isn't 'easy' to install... but it is easy to use!
Baby Gate- There are LOTS of different types of baby gates.  This is one that my friend has to block her stairs and it is nice because it's taller than others and is pretty sturdy! 
Play Yard- So, I have really enjoyed this.  I am able to section off part of the room where Wyatt can safely play without worry.  I actually have it NOT in a hexagon.  I have it tied to his crib and then attached to a bookshelf to stay up.  So he has a pretty good size play area.  I can unload groceries while he plays on his own.

Ok... I'm SURE that there are more things that I use or have used.  But, that is all I can think of for now.  Please feel free to share products or comments below!

Let's Chat...


  1. Ah the joys of babyproofing. I have found that babies are brilliant at showing you what you've forgotten to do, lol.

    Dropping by from the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop. I am now following and would love a follow back!

  2. Stopping over from VB! Thanks for your product recommendations.

    What a subject! I just wrote a post about accidents.

  3. Yep, we used all of those and they worked for quite awhile. About the only one they couldn't get through was the socket covers (heck, I couldn't even pull those out).

    The Smile Conquest

  4. When my son was at that age I utilized all of the safety precautions that you have listed. Some of the safety latches that we had installed onto our cabinets were so baby proof even WE had a hard time opening them hahaha..

    Stopping by from voiceBoks! Have a great weekend!

  5. Fabulous article! I am a big believer, like you, in teaching kids what they can and can't play with. We live in a country where baby proofing is unheard of (we are starting a business that may change that) and it boggles my mind how they leave all these electrical strips everywhere in plain view. I think, at the end of the day, nothing works better than watching the kids and teaching them what is acceptable and what is not. Stopping by from VB.

  6. Thanks blog hoppers and VB folks for stopping by and making some 'chatter' on my blog!! It's ALWAYs more fun when people post! I'm working on getting to/following your pages too!! Thanks again so much!!

  7. I babyproof things that I am worried about my children breaking, things that I am worried about them getting hurt with, and the things I notice they love to get into and I am tired of cleaning up. And those things change with age. My 28 month old is getting worse & worse about what he gets into...and more and more crafty about getting around the babyproofing! He's much worse than my first 2!

  8. @Mrs. Diner... you are SO RIGHT! I completely forgot to mention the things that are priceless. Yes, I most definitely put those things away!! As well as things that will hurt them. I've really put the 'play yard' into use at my house. My 15 month old will play 'safely' in there for quite a while and I can get things done. If he's just running around the house, there's NO POINT in me trying to do ANYTHING other than chase him around! HA! But... this too shall pass, right?!