Chocolate Chip Cookies...OOPS...

So... this has GOT to be the yummiest 'oops' I have done in a while!  **confession** I was taking the EASY way out and preparing a *bag mix* of chocolate chip cookies.  That's right... you heard it... they had been on sale, and I needed a quickie dessert.  I keep my grocery stockpile (it's small... no 'Hoarders' type stash or anything) in my garage.  Needless to say, when I got the bag of chocolate chip cookie mix out... things were NOT as they appeared.  I dumped everything in the bowl and it all looked normal.  THEN, I started stirring... and the chocolate chips melted!  At first, I couldn't figure out why the chips were melting, and then I remembered that it's a balmy 327483910341 degrees in south GA in the summertime.  So, keeping the chocolate outside wasn't my best idea.  Or was it?  I baked the cookies as directed on the package and let...me...tell...YOU... They were DELICIOUS!  I have to admit that I will probably be doing this on purpose WAY more often! 

Give this twist on chocolate chip cookies a try!  I KNOW you'll like it!!!


  1. stopping by from VB today...I love it when an 'oops' turns awesome!

  2. Seriously, the BEST bag mix cookie oops I've had in a while! Thanks for stopping by!!