Counting Bingo

In the $1 bins at Target the other day, my Addison (3) grabbed a box of Alphabet Bingo cards.  We have been playing them and LOVE it!  It's actually a game that I have enjoyed playing with her. 

Well, we are currently visiting family in FL... and mom FORGOT THE GAME!  So, I decided to try to make my own BINGO cards (NOT as difficult as I thought).  I made alphabet cards (4x4) and counting cards (3x3).  My favorite (and the most difficult right now) are the counting cards.  I didn't put the actual number (which she CAN recognize) rather, I put shapes and we have to COUNT them.  Yeah, it takes a while... but there is LOTS of FUN learning going on :-)

*Tips*  I made a table in Microsoft Word.  Then, I drew a shape, copied and pasted the number that I wanted, and grouped them together (select the shapes you want by holding shift and clicking the ones you want and right click and select group). 

Then, I would print the card and then move the shapes around to make another board!  So fun and SO EASY!!!!

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