**CUTE** Finger and Toe Painting

Thanks to my friend, Lindsey for sharing this ADORABLE idea with us!!  Lindsey's precious baby was such a champ and created the most beautiful baby art I've ever seen.... with a little assistance, of course.

They used pudding with food coloring for the paint.

Lindsey and her Mom dipped S's hands and feet into pudding with food coloring.  

They let her little feet and hands go where they may (with a little guidance).

In the end, they added lines and shapes and turned her sweet footprints into complete pictures!  I mean, I've seen and done this as a kid with my thumbprint, making a train or something... but THIS is fabulous!  

So here is the BEFORE:

And the AFTER:

And one more BEFORE:

And the AFTER:

AMAZING Lindsey!  Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this wonderful idea with us!!  It's something fun for ALL ages!!

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