Flower Headband Craft **CUTE**

Thanks so much to HH reader Mandy for sharing this adorable craft with us!!

Our project of the summer...felt flower headband making! We have done it twice now and we're hooked. We learned it from our cute crafty neighbors! Here's how:

1. Purchase plain colored fabric headbands from anywhere (Target, Wal-Mart, Dollar Store, etc...).
2. Cut out 3 different sized circles of felt (small, medium, large) the circles do not have to be perfectly cut at all!! In fact, my little girl cuts them herself and they work beautifully!
3. Light a candle and hold one of the felt circles with a pair of tweezers over the candle rotating it around so that the outer edge of the felt melts and gets a ruffly uneven flower look. Repeat this step with all three layers of felt.
4. Layer the three felt circles once edges are finished. Largest on the bottom, smallest on the top.
5. Using a needle and thread come up through the bottom of the stack of circles. Sew either a couple of beads or a button into the center of the stack while sewing the layers together at the same time.
6. Ask your mom to help you hot glue the completed flower onto the headband.

Viola! You can wear it like this, add a second or third flower, and change up the colors! We have one to match every outfit now, and so do all of our friends!

What crafty fun! Check out how cute!




  1. They are so adorable. I mean the girls the headbands are cute too. Thanks for the tutorial.
    They look easy enough for me to make for my granddaughters.
    Stopping by from VB.
    Hope you have a great week.

  2. Following from Members to Remember. Cute headbands (and children)!


  3. Thanks Bonnie and Clayton! Aren't they just adorable?? They're sweet kiddos too!! And the headbands are adorable! So thankful for good friends with creative ideas! Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. I will have to try and make those.

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  5. @vicky... thanks for stopping by! aren't the headbands adorable?? I'm on my way over to your pg now! btw... im prettynew to VB too... but im LOVING it already!!!