PINK Farm Party!!

Thanks to reader Cynthia for sharing this ADORABLE birthday party idea with us!!

Cynthia's girls LOVE animals!  So, it's only fitting that for this birthday party, they were at a FARM!  There was a local farm that hosts parties (which makes cleaning up a little easier... no one is destroying YOUR house)!!  The kids got to ride a pony and pet the animals!  VERY age appropriate and FUN!!!
Here's what she did....

Invitations- The invites were ordered from dimpleprints on etsy.com.  She got a package that was completely customized. There was another boy farm and Cynthia emailed dimpleprints requesting a pink farm. They were very helpful there and totally worked with Cynthia to incorporate her ideas.  Cynthia HIGHLY recommends Dimpleprints!  She tells us,
"I LOVE dimple prints and have done 3 parties from them so far." :)
Also, Cynthia printed the invites (and thank you's) off at Sam's club, because she ordered the 5x7 prints then got free white envelopes! 

Cake toppers-  They were another custom order from a place on etsy.com called Edible Details (they have their own website that you can order directly from now).  On that page you can see the pink farm animals on the home page. Cynthia also ordered the 3-D toppers from them as well. They can pretty much make anything you want! The cupcakes themselves were just ordered from Sam's Club!

Decorations- All of the decorations came as a coordinating package as well from dimple prints. They will send you the file and you print whatever you want out yourself. Cynthia says that she usually has the local printing place print them off because it is too much work and too much ink to do it on her home printer. So once printed you have to cut everything out.

Goody Bags- She just bought basic brown paper bag from craft store and used a graphic from the party package she ordered for the front. She filled the bag with farm themed goodies like a farm animal stamp, a custom made mini pad of paper, farm animal stickers, cow tail candy.

Thank Yous-  At their parties, they always ask that people bring an item to be donated to the Humane Society instead of gifts.  Here's a look at the thank you note (It came as part of the party package).  

WHAT A FUN PARTY!!  I just love how customized everything is!  Thanks SO much for sharing this with us Cynthia!!

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  1. Those invitations are so cute! And what a fun idea for the kids. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I'm following you back now! Have a great night!!

  2. @Michelle... THANKS! I know... my friend has the BEST ideas! It's almost birthday time in her house AGAIN! Can't wait to see what she comes up with!!!