Bedrooms... Let's Chat...

Ok... so... our house was great when we bought it (I mean, it still IS but... read on...).  2 adults moving out of 600 sq ft apartment downtown into a 1200ish sq ft house!  3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms... I mean, PLENTY... right?!  We had our room, a guest room and an office.

Well, then... as planned.. baby number 1 came.  So, we said good bye to the guest room (the office has a pull out couch... so we could still have overnight guests).  2 years later came baby number 2.  So... you guessed it... office is no longer (as I sit at the dining room table with the laptop typing this).

Any of you out there that have kids or even if you've been to a house with kids... you'll be able to relate to this... they have a LOT of 'stuff'.  SERIOUSLY... trucks, balls, dress up clothes, crayons, blocks, and on and on and on.  I got tired of picking up toys from EVERY room of the house (with their help, of course).  Selling the house isn't really an option right now... the housing market... well, it's no bueno.  So, I opted for plan B.

Plan B: Have a 'sleeping room' and a 'play room' (the play room still has the pull out couch).  The sleeping room has beds and clothes.  THAT IS IT (well, that's the idea).  The playroom has ALL toys.

So yeah, maybe I forgot to mention that my munchkins are 1 (16mo) and 3.  I left my little man in a crib and big sister is in her big girl bed still.  Getting to sleep is actually not too bad (yet).  Yes, they giggle and play for a bit but it usually doesn't take too long for them to fall asleep.  The kicker is WAKING up!  My 3yr old can (and needs to) sleep til 730/8 in the morning if we'd let her.  BUT her brother likes to rise and shine at 6 eat breakfast and play and then go back to sleep around 7/730.  DRIVES ME CRAZY!  Out of the 8 days that we've been sharing a room, she has slept later than him may 3 times!!!!!

Please tell me that they'll adjust!  I need them to adjust! I would LOVE it if they would sleep later than 6... but if that doesn't change, at least I just need her to be able to sleep through the 'noise' coming from her brother!!!  Come one y'all give me some words of wisdom.  I'm LOVING the playroom (such fun decorating... thank you Pinterest!  I'm using the FREE 8x10 canvas too).  I don't think that I'll change that.  Any other thoughts for helping her sleep through the crying?  Or ways to make him sleep a little longer??

Let's Chat...


  1. WOW. You are a brave woman putting them both in the same room! I wouldn't dare. Kaley wakes up early and Josh likes to sleep late. She would wake him up in a heart beat. I enjoy having them in separate rooms. Kaley plays quietly in her room until he wakes up and then our day begins! I know they are going to end up sharing a room eventually with #3 on the way so maybe I'll just wait and see what you end up doing. :)

  2. Maybe put one of them to sleep in the play room?? I know it's not ideal, but right now, sleep is what you want, right? As Wyatt gets older, he too will be sleeping later so instead of fighting it right now and losing sleep..put him in the play room to sleep until Addison wakes and then they can both play.

  3. Erin's suggestion sounds good. I'm not sure what my Mom did with all seven of us crammed in to every room we had. Poor thing, now that I think about it;)!
    Stopping in from vB,