Door Knobs MAKEOVER... EASY :-)

So, last week I told you about my knobs and pulls in the kitchen and how I made them b-e-a-U-tiful.  Well, I got the original idea from The Penny Parlor (via Pinterest, of course), to do my door knobs.  Which leaked into the kitchen and who knows what other surfaces will be painted in Rust-Oleum when I'm 'done'...

Pretty huh?  (I don't know why, but it wouldn't let me rotate the picture... you get the idea though, right?)  Who doesn't love a stylish shiny gold colored door knob... YUCK!

So... disassembled... spray painted... dried COMPLETELY (you HAVE to)... and.....

I know I'm biased... BUT, I LOVE THEM!!!!  I'm BEYOND pleased. :-)


  1. That is so neat! I would never have thought to just paint all the ugly doorknobs in my house. I tell you, I learn so much from bloggers and Pinterest - it's a wonder how I've survived this long without them lol.

    I can't wait to try this! Your knob looks awesome!

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  2. Oh, so much better! We spray paint lots of things, but door knobs isn't one of them. I can't believe we've never thought of it! Though, I wanted brushed nickel so maybe that's why....oh, and we had to switch locking styles - now i remember - so I could open them without finding a pin-thingy. Speaking of spray painting...I'm about to try painting my sofa. Have you seen others do it? It's the new craze in DIY! Look forward to seeing more house projects. Havea great week!

  3. Great job on these. Spray paint is the 8th wonder of the world. It has so many uses. I love how you can take something and make it look completely different. We have a similar colour in our house. I love them. Funny how door knobs can make you so happy but mine do. Lol!