Happy Labor Day! Let's Chat...

What a GREAT time of year!  College football season just started (GO DAWGS!!), Labor Day is here, schools are back in session, before we know it the weather will be getting cooler and leaves will be changing color.

I just got home from doing some sale shopping for school clothes (my oldest munchkin starts school tomorrow) and I got pretty lucky!  Gotta LOVE a deal...

So on this wonderful first Monday of September... aka Labor Day... what is your favorite thing to do?  Do you and your family have an awesome tradition?  Do you go on a family vacation?  Are you a mega sale shopper?  Do you have to work?  :-(

Let's Chat...

Whatever you do today, I hope that you enjoy today (and every day)... because there's nothing better than living EVERY day as if it were your last.  HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!

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  1. I just relaxed yesterday and even found sometime to scrap