So, awhile back my little girl had this obsession with just dumping out puzzles on the floor and mixing up all the pieces, like they were a 'stew' or something?!  I have NO idea...  I remember venting about it (as usual) on Facebook and a friend felt my pain.  She explained that her little angel is LOVING putting stickers EVERYWHERE!  So, when I saw this idea in Family Fun magazine (of course I can't find it now), I thought... I HAVE to share this with my HH friends :-)

This mom, took a regular poster board and wrote her child's name at the top and stuck it on the wall.  It was designated as his 'safe space' to put stickers!  GENIUS, HUH?!  Why not give the munchkins some clear direction rather than just listing the places that they CAN'T put stickers... give them a place where they CAN!  Loved the idea!  Hope it helps someone out... as for the puzzle issue... we just put the puzzles up high and I take them down for her... one at a time...

I couldn't find the actual picture... but this can give you the idea...

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  1. Also you can get one of those blank page journal books....deemed sticker book. :)