Sweater Dryer Rack 78% off

Sweater Dryer Rack

Sweater Dryer Rack
Price: $10.99Compare to: $50.00
78% OFF! SAVE $39!

Perfect for the laundry room and anyone heading back to college!

Air drying your sweaters and other fine tops protects their shape and their size. This dryer is great because it is extra large and it stacks (this is for a set of 3) so you can dry lots of items in just a bit of room. The PVC frame is rust free and assembles quickly with no tools. The open-mesh netting allows for even air flow and fast drip dry.

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  1. This is a great deal! My husband would probably love it if I used one of these instead of hanging my sweaters all over the bathroom!!!
    Great blog, btw!