Brand Loyalty Let's Chat...

So, if you're a 'serious' coupon user... OR if you're someone who wants to be, then brand loyalty is something that you are familiar with.  I would LOVE to do some serious couponing.  BUT, I will confess to you that I am pretty loyal when it comes to some things.  Even though they cost more and RARELY go on sale :-(

I have learned that buying the store brand is not always the best deal.

 I know what you're thinking... 
WHAT?!  YEAH RIGHT!  Store brand is ALWAYS cheaper than the name brand.
Well, as great as that thought is, it isn't all correct.  You see, store brand products RARELY go on sale OR have coupons.  Name brands, on the other hand, DO!  

So, I've been trying to save money and buy smart.  But sometimes, it's just too easy to buy what you're used to, anybody hear me on that one??  Brand loyalty is one of the most difficult parts of couponing for me.

I have budged on laundry detergent and dishwasher liquid... gotten them both for next to nothing.

My problem REALLY lies with toilet paper.  I use one kind and one kind only.  The ONLY coupons that I EVER find are like $0.25/1.  REALLY?!  Is that even close to a savings when the product starts at $8??  

Do you all know what I'm talking about?  Is there a product that you can NOT budge on?  You HAVE to buy a certain kind?

DO TELL!  Let's Chat...

Oh... and if you've used a toilet paper that is not AWFUL and gotten it cheap... share!!

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  1. I totally get what you're saying! Toilet paper is where I draw the line also but.....Makes me soo mad that a year ago I could get P&G coupons for $1/1 (which my store doubled) and now all I can find is $0.25/1. I even emailed them asking for coupons and the response I got was to check my local paper! Soooo...... I started trying other brands. Cottonelle was the first. I haven't gotten through the 12 pack that I bought but I had a $1/1 which was doubled and it was on sale for $4.99 so I got the 12 pack for $2.99. It's okay but is nowhere near as plush(but I kind of expect that from all the other leading brands). Scott is next. I have a $2 off at Walmart and I'm waiting for a "rollback". I'll let you know :)

    VA Mom22