DIY Headboard... AWESOME!

Thanks SO much for HH reader, Jenny for sharing her mad DIY skills with us.  You might remember Jenny, she also shared her precious bumblebee cake pops with us!  She is clearly a crafty gal!  Thanks again Jenny!!

Here's what you need...

  • plywood (the size you would like the headboard to be... at Lowe's/Home Depot they can cut it FOR YOU).
  • Foam (the more depth, the more drama and price) from a craft/fabric store
  • Batting from a craft store (can be purchased by the yard to save money)
  • Fabric (something sturdy) enough to cover the board and batting/foam
  • Plastic button covers
  • Staple gun
  • Needle/thread
  • Drill
  • Finishing nails
  • Saw horses (check these out if you don't have space to keep a saw horse or 2 lying around) 
  • D rings (to mount on the wall)
Here's what you do...

Lay down the plywood on the saw horses.

Mark where you would like the buttons and drill holes (she recommends using a 5/8 bit).

Lay the foam out on the board (You can use an adhesive if you want but she says you just really need good batting.).

Secure the foam with the batting, just to the back edge with the staple gun.

Do the same with your fabric.

Make the buttons and thread them through the back of the board.  

Secure them with a finishing nail (The tighter the buttons are pulled, the more dramatic they look).

Secure to the wall using 2 D rings.

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