DIY Pendant Light Fixture

Thanks to HH reader Jill for sharing this AWESOME DIY project with us!!

"I couldn't find exactly the pendant light that I wanted and if I saw one close to my idea, it was crazy expensive.  So, after a couple of weeks of just the fixture hanging with bulbs, it hit me, I would HAVE to build my own" This is what lead HH reader Jill to take on this well worth it DIY project!!

She knew that she wanted an antique green glass.  She went onto Etsy.com and bought a pack of 5 antique glasses for $17 (she bought a couple extra just in case one broke).

She then did her research on drilling glass online.  She learned that you have to use a diamond tip drill bit when cutting into glass.  When Jill went comparison shopping for them, she quickly learned that they were $60+!!  CRAZINESS!!  She hopped on over to a popular auction site and found a seller that had some for $9 with FREE SHIPPING!  YES PLEASE!!!  

Once the bit came in, they were ready to start!  Jill and her husband, Mike practiced drilling on a old spaghetti sauce jar first (what a GREAT idea).  

You have to drill at a 45 degree angle until the bit cuts through the glass.  Mike drilled, while Jill poured the water.  In her research, Jill learned that you should keep pouring water the whole time.  She says that when you drill, you don't put pressure on the glass (like usual), you just let the drill do the work.  When the bit makes the initial cut in the glass, you turn your drill bit up and start drilling down.

Here are some more pictures of the process!  What a fun and easy way to make a unique pendant light fixture for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!  This project was a total of $25 for Jill's kitchen.  

The finished product.... GORGEOUS!!!

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