Mommy Business Cards

So, the other day at the gym, I was reading a magazine on the elliptical (anything to keep my mind off what I was doing- it actually did work).  I came across this super cute idea and thought I'd share it with you since there's a FREEBIE DEAL right now on it!!  YAHOO!!

It was to design a business card with contact info for yourself.  The card would pretty much say:

Sally's Mom (Beth)

I think it's a GREAT idea to share with mom's or people that you meet.  Maybe at a play date, or at school... you know the feeling... rush rush rush... "No honey we can't play with Hannah, I don't have her mommy's phone number"... YOU DO NOW!!  See, GREAT idea huh?  And when you add that it's FREE, why wouldn't you take advantage??
Click HERE and design yours right now!  Offer ends Friday 10/21!!!

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