Circle Chalkboards

Here's another FUN idea from my sister, Jenn!  THANKS GIRL!  Love you!

So, there was a blank space in their house that she turned into a fun way to display info between roommates.  They share info like when they're having people over, etc... GREAT idea!  In my house, I might use this as a great way to post the menu or things that the kids have going on that week/appointments.  Really, the possibilities are endless.

Here's what she used...
Chalkboard paint (comes in a little tub at most hardware stores)
Paint brush
White paint/Sticker decals
Stencil (canister lid used here)

Here's what she did...
With your pencil, mark a line down the center of the space to keep your circles straight.  Traced around the canister lids 7 times, to make 7 circles.  Using the paint and paint brush, she painted the circles.  Once the paint was dry, she painted on the white letters identifying the days of the week.  Too cute!  Too easy!  Great way to increase communication!

Thanks for sharing Jenn!!

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