Opposite Party

Ok... so this recipe is so cute!  And honestly, it doesn't require much explanation.  I think that the pictures will pretty much explain everything for you!  My little brother (almost 17, not so little anymore... we'll call him 'younger') has a Fall Festival party every year.  My mom goes all out and plans a cute theme and the kids LOVE IT!  It's a GREAT alternative to OTHER mischief that kids can get into on Halloween night.

Last year she did a SUPER fun murder mystery (she ordered a kit on line... GREAT IDEA).  The kids had to dress like the character that they were sent in the mail and play that part the whole night.  Like I said, it was lots of fun and the kids REALLY enjoyed it!

Well, this year they had an 'Opposite Party'... EVERYTHING was supposed to be opposite.  Kids were encouraged to dress opposite of how they normally dress (they could interpret that however they wanted to).  I had an idea to send Thank You cards with all of the info as the invite... but mom was worried the kids would be confused. ;-)  She DID prepare the food to look opposite of what they really are.

For dinner, she served 'Cupcakes'... they were really meatloaf with mashed potatoes piped on top to look like a cupcake with frosting....

With the meatloaf she served 'French Fries'... they were actually sugar cookies rolled out and cut in strips and then sprinkled with sugar to look like salt.  SUPER cute and SUPER yummy!!

For dessert, she served 'Hamburgers'... which were really cupcakes, with frosting...

SUPER creative and fun!  You could do an opposite party for TONS of occasions!!  Thanks SO much for sharing, Beth (aka MOM)!!



  1. That is so cute! Thank you for following me, I am following back with GFC!

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    I found you on Cute-ECakes' Sunday Funday and am now following.
    I LOVE the crib / desk idea on your Pinterest post. Fantastic idea!
    :) Jan at J4C Home

  3. This is so cute! I can imagine my 2 year old being mystified once she tasted it hahah.

  4. Yeah... @Camilleta I think most of the kids really enjoyed the surprise aspect of the food... NOT what they expected! But those sugar cookie fries, don't they look DELICIOUS???

    @Randa... THANKS!

    @Jan... Heading to your blog now! Thanks for following!!