Fireplace Facelift

So, apparently the folks that built this house were LOVERS of the shiny gold finishes... BLEH.  I, on the other hand, am NOT a fan!  So, my mission was to... GET RID OF IT.

The catch was that the top part does NOT come off (at least what I found).  But, don't you worry about that, I still took care of it!  

I started by removing the 2 glass doors.

Then I covered ALL of the glass with magazine paper (I didn't have any newspaper).  Sorry this picture is crazy, print on the paper, print on the sheet, shadow of 'photographer'... but if you look, you can see the enemy there, the shiny gold strip.  

Then, I sprayed!!!  Now, I did some Internet searching before hand.  You want to make sure that you get a spray paint that can handle the heat that will come from a fire place (it says it on the bottle, or you could always ask someone for help).

While that was drying,  I went inside to tackle the stubborn piece.  I stuck magazine pages behind it, under it... pretty much, all around.  It would be a good idea to turn off any fans or even the air conditioner while you're spraying to avoid the paint 'flying' off anywhere else.  Also be sure to cover any other surfaces nearby that might be affected.

Then, I sprayed again.  Once everything was dry, I put it all back together.  And... here it is...
What do you think?? 



  1. Way to go Katie!! That looks awesome!