Teacher Book

Here's a SUPER cute Pinterest success that my friend, Meg did with her daughter for her teacher's end of the year gift.

Thanks for sharing Meg!!

This is just a simple soft case photo album.  I've gotten them at Wal-Mart for a $1 before.

She wrote in, "Here are a few ideas of things you can do this summer, since you'll probably be bored without us..."

Then, she put in little notes and gift cards on the following pages.  You could obviously choose different places... but these ideas are pretty great!

Then, she put in a little note and picture. 

HOW CUTE IS THIS??  And seriously... pretty simple, right?!  You could make the gift cards for any amount... but if you did $5/gift card... this gift would have cost $20 + the album and paper.  GREAT DEAL!

*IDEA* I also thought that if you did something like this for Teacher Appreciation, you could start the week with just the note and then add a page (with a gift card) everyday.  

Thanks again Meg!

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