Art Shirt (GOTTA protect the dress...)

My little one has always loved making things.  But, one of her new favorite things to do is PAINT!  While this is SUPER FUN, it is also SUPER MESSY!  We decided a GREAT rainy day activity was to MAKE an art shirt!  We had a white shirt at home (you could use ANY old shirt... or buy one... but you know me, saving money is AWESOME) so all we needed was fabric markers (if your children are older, maybe they'd like paint, sequence, glitter, etc...you get the picture).  Addison had a ball coloring her art shirt and the next day, we were ready to paint AND keep our 'preeeeeetty dress' clean! :-)

OK.... so maybe somebody got a little carried away with the fabric markers... but, it was SO FUN!!! :-)

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