THIS is a GREAT deal!!!  I am a new iPhone user (and I love it so far).  The only thing is, the battery doesn't seem to last too long.  Maybe it's because of the amount of time Addison is watching Netflix or calling her Daddy :-) (notice I didn't mention my facebooking ;-)).  ANYHOW, this is a ChargeBlock that fits like a case.  It has enough power to completely charge your phone and then some!  I looked at this on line YESTERDAY and it was $79.99!!  and today ONLY it is $29.99?!?!  WHAT?!  That's a $50.00 savings AND THERE'S FREE SHIPPING!!!!!  Click here and CHECK...IT...OUT!!!
"The ChargeBlock case for iPhone 4 is a lightweight, full-length case with the convenience of a built in extra battery for peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about your iPhone running out of power or finding a place to recharge. The ChargeBlock case is the perfect iPhone accessory with its comfortable, non-slip grip and slim figure (less than 3 oz.). The battery has enough power to completely charge a depleted iPhone 4 with juice to spare. The ChargeBlock case also has a micro USB connection that allows for charging and syncing with iTunes."  -buy.com

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