Sandbox planning

So here's the 'plan'.  I used Google SketchUP (which if you don't have it... you should get it... it's FREE to download and LOTS of fun) to draw a picture (NOT to scale) of what I'm envisioning.  I tried to put a picture in here of the sandbox drawing but... it isn't letting me :-( because it's 3D.  Anyhow, I will be sure to let you know if what I saw and what I end up with are even close to the same.

Today I am heading to HomeDepot for materials (I will post pictures and stuff after the trip to see how it goes).  On my list is:

  • 8- 1x6x6' cedar boards
  • 2- 1x3x8' cedar boards
  • 1 Tube construction adhesive
  • 1 1/4" galvanized screws
  • 3" galvanized screws
  • hinges (I'm going to attempt to attach the cover like doors... we shall see)
I already have plywood (that I'm going to cover in landscape fabric that we already have- to avoid splinters) and the tools I need.  I'm pretty pumped to hit the stores and get started!  I am going to wait on buying the sand until I know exactly how big the sandbox is going to be! 
Hopefully Addison will be digging away by this weekend!  YAY!

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