Coupon Clipping Service

Are you frustrated with clipping and storing and keeping track of coupons?  HAVE I FOUND THE ANSWER FOR YOU! 

This is a GREAT NEW site that offers an awesome coupon clipping service!! 

Why would someone use or need a coupon clipping service?
  • Because they want to save time (cutting and organizing)
  • Because they want to stockpile on items without buying a ton of newspapers (buying a ton of newspapers would waste more organizing/cutting time too...)
  • Because it's SO EASY!!!
Clipping coupons has even SAVED MONEY for some!  Kristi at Saving My Family Money had this to say about clipping services,
"It actually saved me money.  How you ask? Well first of all I am only ordering the coupons I will use and if it will bring me an item for cheap or free I order more of those so I can stockpile! It is a lot cheaper to actually buy 10 of one coupon that I need than to run out and get ten newspapers to use 3 or 4 coupons and never use the rest of it."  
Keep in mind: Coupons have no value, you are paying for the handling service of each coupon. Each of our coupons range in price from $0.08 to $0.20 (most of them are $0.10) and there is a $0.45 shipping charge for each order. Your coupons will be sent the SAME DAY you order if your order is places before 11am. All orders placed after 11am or on Sundays will be sent out the following business day.
Check the new site!!!

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