Time change issues! Let's Chat!!

IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING ISSUES WITH THIS TIME CHANGE??  I've always liked this one the best.  When I only had one child, it was actually a NICE change... sleeping in later and going to bed at the same time.  It was GREAT!  Well now, I have Wyatt doing that (and Addison doing HALF of that).  However, naps seem to be happening a little later which ends up meaning that Addison is up singing in her bed until 9 or 9:30 (she gets in there between 7-7:30)!!  She stays in her bed (blessing) but, manages to sing at the top of her lungs, jump like crazy (this is a new thing) knocking things off of her wall, reach out to puzzles, and dresser drawers.  So, from the comfort of her bed she still manages to get herself in a good bit of trouble for TWO HOURS! 

Are YOU having issues with the time change?  Do you have any tips?  Please feel free to share!! 

I'm thinking about getting a treadmill and letting her run it out for an hour or so before bedtime, whatcha think?  haha...JUST KIDDING (well, kinda ;-))!!!


  1. Yeah this time change is killing me!! The girls are sleeping in sooo late that they aren't as tired for naps!!! WHich is turn means no relaxing for mom during the day. Not sure what I will do. Hmmmm........

  2. I am feeling guilty putting Kaley to bed at her normal time because the sun is still up and kids are playing outside her window! I have been putting Josh to bed at 7 and then taking Kaley outside for a bike ride before bath and bedtime. But then by the time she's off to bed it's MY bedtime too so I don't have much ME time unless I stay up late. However, I did change her sun/moon clock to 7:30 a.m. with the time change because that's when it starts getting light outside and it has been nice sleeping in until 7:30. :)

  3. Yeah... the morning is NOT an issue. She actually is having trouble at nap time too. I ended up just going in there and standing over her. When she STOPS moving for 5 minutes she crashes! She really isn't doing anything 'wrong' she just isn't going to sleep :-( (which she of course, NEEDS). I feel bad getting so mad at her, she doesn't really understand WHY she has to go to sleep. Anyhow, the standing there thing works for now. I still give her the first little bit 20-30 mins in there and if she doesn't go to sleep on her own, I give her some 'help' ;-)