Dirty Microwave **MOM TIP**

Be honest... have you ever had a dirty microwave? 

**NOT my microwave... got this pic off the Internet ;-)**

Spaghetti explosion?  Oatmeal overflow?  You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  A dirty microwave is NO FUN!  Growing up, my mom always had us cover things with a napkin or paper towel (WHEN we remembered...RARE).  Now, who's ever gotten pieces of the paper towel IN their oatmeal?  YUCK!  It wasn't a great solution and since we only USED the napkin or paper towel... say 30% of the time... it didn't work well.  Cleaning the microwave was a necessity.

Now, that I have a home of my own and two little ones that keep me busy cleaning up toys and spills and doing laundry, playing, teaching, etc... (you get the picture).  I do NOT have time to scrub the microwave everyday.  Sooooooo, what to do?  WHAT to do??

Well, thanks to mom, Mary C from Savannah, GA, we have a solution!
DUH!  Why on EARTH didn't I think of something like this?!  Now, the coolest part is, you leave it IN the microwave so that you don't 'forget' to cover your food/drink.  And if there's a spaghetti explosion... just stick the cover in the dishwasher (or hand wash it...)! 

If you look closely, you'll also see that the cover has holes for ventilation.

GREAT IDEA!  Thanks for sharing Mary!  Now, I'm sure you're wondering... WHERE CAN I GET ONE??  Well... just head on over to Buy.com(you can click that logo... it's a link ;-)) and search 'microwave spatter cover' (feel free to check out ALL of the other great deals on the site as well.

Before long... we'll ALL have microwaves that look like this...
Now... THIS microwave IS mine :-) hahahaha...

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