**MOM TIP** Tervis Tumbler (+deal x2)

**be sure to read all the way to the bottom...for a DEAL**
Thanks to Kelly M (our contest WINNER) from Colorado, for sharing her MUST HAVE item!  Kelly says that she can't live without her... TERVIS TUMBLER (personally, I TOTALLY agree)!! 

Kelly listed a TON of reasons WHY the tervis tumbler is so great... but, I have found a picture that pretty much sums it all up...

Thanks to carolshallmarkstore.com for the photo!

  • Kelly shared with us that she uses a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon (you know... those 20% off coupons that come in the mail like what... once/wk?... you KNOW you have at LEAST one).  BUT, she uses a MOBILE APP too... you just text COUPON to 239663.  You just complete the enrollment form and then you'll begin receiving coupons to your mobile phone FOR THE CASHIER TO SCAN!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  They're really making saving money TOO easy these days!! :-)
  • One more way to save on your very own Tervis Tumbler... 'like' them on Facebook for a friends and family deal that is valid through the 25th!
Happy Shopping...

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  1. ok... just tried to sign up for the Bed Bath and Beyond mobile app thingy... Not available in ALL areas YET. but, it says that it will text me when it IS available in my area! still a great idea and definitely worth TRYING!!