I feel kind of like I won the lottery today!  I have found the BEST DEAL (for me at least).  There's a new (to me) 'daily deal' site.  Today's deal will make my life SO MUCH easier... at least for the next 6 months!  Click here to check it out for yourself. 

Here's a rundown of WHAT e-mealz is.  It is a site that posts recipes weekly.  They post recipes according to family size, diet styles, and the cherry on top... GROCERY STORE SALES!  You can go to their website and see if the grocery store that YOU use is listed (I HOPE for your sake it is). 

Anyhow, you get your whole weeks worth of recipes AND a grocery list to go with it!  I mean... it does NOT get any easier.  When I first checked it out, there was a 7-day dinner plan for a family of 4-6 with a $77 grocery total!!  Can you even imagine??

The deal site has posted a 60% savings!  I paid $12.00 for 6 months of recipes!  YAAAAAAY ME :-)


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