SOMEHOW the day got away from me and before I knew it... it was dinner time!  I had nothing planned or taken out.  WHAT TO DO?  WHAT TO DO?!  In an effort to NOT heat up a frozen pizza, I opened the pantry and fridge and threw some stuff together with the assistance of my sweet little sous chef, Addison ;-)

'Quesadilla'  more like 'K(atie)-sadilla'

1can of chicken (that's right...canned chicken!  I told you that I didn't thaw anything out!)
1green bell pepper
2soft taco tortilla shells
shredded Mexican cheese
*salsa and sour cream to top

Addison had a BLAST putting everything in the quesadilla.  I browned it on the stove and cut it for her and served it with a side salad (she calls it 'leaves'...HA!).  So, no... I'm not 'proud' of dinner... but it WAS fun and easy and Addison LOVED IT! :-)

Amazing what you can whip up when there's 'nothing' to cook... HA!

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