SpaWish SALE! **SAVE $15 off a $50 order**

**attention men**- brownie points opportunity**

Shop the NEW SpaWishCan you even think of anything better than a SPA TREATMENT?!  The weather is warming up (in most places)... time to get a pedicure and take out those flip flops! 

SAVE $15.00 off of orders over $50!!  Use code GOSW15
 Click here to go grab your gift certificate to the SPA (I just tried it!  Ordered $125 worth of gift certificates and saved $30!)!!!  Remember you don't have to GIVE this to anyone!  BUY IT FOR YOURSELF!!!  Go to the Spa like normal and SAVE $15!!!  YOU DESERVE IT!!

SpaWish will let you search for Spa facilities near you... AND show you the services offered! 
GREAT STUFF!!  Happy shopping...



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