Easter Egg Craft

Thanks to reader Courtney for sharing this super fun and CUTE Easter Craft!

This is a super easy craft that my 16 month old and I did together and loved it!  We used it as a time to work on her fine motor skills...putting eggs together is hard work for little fingers but she did great!  It can also be adapted  for older children- they can help putting in the string or wire, they can match up and identify egg colors (or mix them up for cool combinations!), or they can play counting games with the eggs (we need x-number for the tree...how many do we have?). 

First you will need supplies.  We got cheap colored eggs at Wal-mart...approximately $1.50 for 42.  Make sure you get the eggs with holes in the top and bottom!  You will also need some type of string, cord, or ribbon...we used clear jewelry cord.  It was $2 for a roll and we had plenty left over for other crafts.  You will also need scissors.

I poured out the bag of eggs for my daughter to play with...

...and I cut a length of cord about 8 or 10 inches (I just estimated... it doesn't have to be measured).  Then I put the cord in the eggs.  I put it through the bottom holes first, tied a double knot to keep it from slipping, and then went through the top two holes.  Tie a double knot in the top leaving a space between the egg and knot to hang on the tree.  *TIP* if you cannot get the knots to stay, clear tape is a great solution!

Now comes the FUN part... DECORATING!!

It was raining outside the day we did this craft so we decorated the trees and plants around the inside of our house.  My daughter LOVED hanging the eggs on the tree (and swinging the eggs around by the string! Haha).

Overall, this was a simple (and cheap) way to incorporate a little Easter fun into our craft time! 

 Variations on this:

*Putting candy or prizes in the eggs for a hunt for younger children who can easily see them hanging on the tree or bush.
*Allowing older children to decorate the plastic eggs with glue, glitter, markers (sorry...has to be permanent or paint to stay on the plastic in my experience), food sprinkles, feathers, buttons, or many other items you can find laying around the house.

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